I've developed the very little, very simple infoFAQ for guests to come and read about the site or ask a very reasonable question. If you would like to ask a question, please make sure it has not already been asked by reviewing the list below. If you don't see your question within the content of this page, then please feel free to ask - not all answers will be posted onto the site.

What exactly is this website, and what's it for?
LyricSheet was a website created by and specially for Chris Martin to post all his personally written collection of lyrics, but then soon later developed into a network with that (Lyricbook), plus more music related projects.

Who's behind the words and what's the reason for it?
I, Chris Martin, am the one behind the website. I was in need of personal storage for my lyric work, and originally created LyricSheet as an old side site from a project in 2012, to make sure my work remains around and fully safe.

Do you perform the lyrics you write, or do you just write them?
No, I don't perform. But ever since I was little, I've had a big thought of a career in music; I've just never believed I had the talent for any of it - so I decided to write for pass time instead, thus now here we are. I still do, however, often have the dream of getting further into the music industry sometime in the future.

Is the Lyricbook just for your lyrics, or can other people submit their own?
Yes, at the current time, the Lyricbook is only at the "blog" stage right now, but there has been thoughts on a "user lyrics" development. However, if you do wish to show the LyricSheet community your work, you may register on the LyricSheet Forums and post it in the user lyrics board. LSF has an anti-theft policy, so your work will remain safe.

Do you just write, or do you have any other talents?
No, I don't just write - I make music, too. Though I have no talent in playing any instruments, and I can't sing, the music is me. It's all computer generated and created with a program called FL Studio. It's not amazing or anything, but I do like getting opinions. Check out Saint Spaz on SoundTest and/or Facebook.

I'm a musician and like your lyrics. Any chance I can perform them?
Honestly, I'd love to say yes; but I'd rather nobody perform any of my personally written material. However, I am now offering lyric sales to those who wish to hire a lyricist. There is a charge for my lyric service; but depending on what service you need varies on price. Charge expences are cheap and range within any budget level. For full detailed information, please contact the appropriate subject.

I like your lyrics, but do you mind if I pitch a change of idea?
Sure, I don't mind at all. In fact, that's why I'm adding a comments system to each of the lyrics pages, so anyone can make a comment or even give me a thought on what you think. The comments system is the social plugin by Facebook, so if you do not have a Facebook account and would like to make a comment, you can do so at the LyricSheet Forum, or by sending a personal email to Chris.

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