A (2)
Another Way of Looking
A World
B (4)
Blinded (Bright Light)
Brand New Life
Bullet to the Chest
C (3)
Can't (Take This Knife)
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D (2)
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E (1)
Escaping Hell (Take Control)
F (5)
Fading From the Seams
Faster Than Bones
Faith in Truth
Find a New
Fire (Reignite)
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Here Again
I (3)
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I Reminisce
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This Is Who You Are
This Line I've Crossed
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(Leave This) Up to You
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What If (A Friend Like You)
Who You Are
Who You Are Now
Words of Truth
World in Flames
Y (1)
You're Gone (I Can't Live On)

This Line I've Crossed

I'm about to fucking break
I'm torn
And I can't cope in this hell anymore
Every bone in my body is getting old
My life is just so cold

I'm about to fucking crack
I'm worn
And I can't live with this shit anymore
All the time passed by can't pause and can't rewind
I hate my fucking life

There was a line further back that I've crossed
Ever since then, my life's been so fucked up
Why do I love if I'm not loving myself?
And I can't be what my dreams dare to tell
They tell me my life will be so perfect
When I crossed that line, I must have missed it

I'm about to fucking snap
I'm torn
And I can't fucking live here anymore
My pain is growing old

written on March 30th, 2010

"This Line I've Crossed"

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