A (2)
Another Way of Looking
A World
B (4)
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Brand New Life
Bullet to the Chest
C (3)
Can't (Take This Knife)
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D (2)
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E (1)
Escaping Hell (Take Control)
F (5)
Fading From the Seams
Faster Than Bones
Faith in Truth
Find a New
Fire (Reignite)
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Here Again
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Too Soon
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(Leave This) Up to You
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Wanna Write a Song
What If (A Friend Like You)
Who You Are
Who You Are Now
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World in Flames
Y (1)
You're Gone (I Can't Live On)

Too Soon

I'm broke and I'm uninspired
I'm feeling so damn tired
Blank thoughts are running through my mind
I'm sore and I feel so useless
I fear that I won't win this
It's hard to keep my faith alive

But should I give up this soon?

I'm lost and I'm indecisive
I'm not sure where my mind is
Wandering to the darkened side
I'm trapped and I'm not escaping
I'm tired of all this shaking
And fearing that I'm gonna die

But did I give up too soon?
Should I give up this soon?
So did I give up too soon?
I won't give up this soon

I'm gone and I'm not returning
I'm sick of all the yearning
Waiting for the days to pass by

But I won't give up too soon

written on June 3rd, 2012

"Too Soon"

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